We serve clients internationally.

We serve clients internationally.

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Optimised for Australia

clients testimonials

“We are a consulting business based in Australia and the moment we switched to Outweb's hosting, we could immediately see our website load much faster. ”

Dave K. Founder & CEO
Consulting Firm

Page load time went from 5.2s to just over 2s! Very happy with the site performance and it hardly ever goes down. Had a lot of issues with past host. recommended!

Steve A.
Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Very happy with the service. Responsive staff and fast website for my local Australia based business. And I love that everything is unlimited! Great value.  

Deborah Tinsel.
HR Consultant


Rank better on Google and convert more customers with our zippy, unlimited web hosting.

Super Fast Servers

We have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a brand new blog or a popular business site, we've got you covered!

Closest Datacenter To Australia

Our datacenter is located right here in Oceania, delivering the best speeds and quickest load times for Australia. Don't host with US-based datacenters that doubles your local load times.

Highly Reliable & Secure

Hardly goes down. That's what most of our customers say. We back our talk with a 99.9% uptime guarantee*. You can count on your website being there when customers come knocking.

Australia Web Hosting - Fast Secure Web Hosting by Outweb

Cloudflare & WP Rocket Boosted

We expertly configure advanced caching on our client websites using Cloudflare & WP Rocket. We find this combination delivers the best performance. You will love how quickly your site loads.  


No-nonsense Unlimited Web Hosting.

We are an Australian web hosting company with servers located closest to home, delivering the fastest speeds for any Australian website. We ensure your website is hosted securely, with fast access speeds & high availability (99.9% uptime guaranteed).

Fast Servers - Top Ethics

Anyone can promise great performance. We choose to balance that with a commitment to deliver not only the best hosting performance, but also the best business ethics.

Australia Web Hosting - Fast Secure Web Hosting by Outweb

Turbo Boosted by Cloudflare & WP Rocket

Web hosting doesn't get faster than this. Cloudflare & WP Rocket are the top caching & content distribution network systems deployed by large enterprises to deliver optimal web delivery speeds. When you host with us, we will install both applications and configure them to deliver the best performance for your website. Why settle for less?